Beljan has specialized in typesetting for journals, textbooks, and reference books since 1956. Many of Beljan's projects are technical, mathematical, or scientific in nature.

Based in Dexter, MI, Beljan works from customer manuscripts and/or electronic files from any word-processing or SGML-based application. Customers can communicate files either on disk or through our web site. Beljan accepts Mac or PC files.

Beljan also provides high-quality editorial, proofreading, project management, and design services.

Beljan's composition system is a multi-seat Sun UltraII server, running the Xyvision Production Publisher application, which provides speed, programmability, and many other features not available from PC- or Macintosh-based desktop publishing applications. We also process files in Quark XPress for those publishers requiring Macintosh XPress files. Beljan scans graphics that are not supplied on disk and processes graphics files using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Streamline, and Adobe Photoshop.

Proof copy is prepared on Beljan's 1200-dpi laser printers. The final output can be any combination of reprographic hard copy, PostScript text and graphics files, web-ready HTML text and Gif graphics files, parsed SGML text files, or Adobe Acrobat PDF files.